The heart of our business beats in Idaho, and we also travel to your location. But now is the time to Produce in Place!  Send us your products and we will create an entire production package to make your brand shine.

We offer all aspects of production:

  • Producing, On Site Coordination & Shoot Management
  • Estimating & Budget Management
  • Location Scouting & Management
  • Permits & Location Logistics
  • Model, Talent & “Real People” Casting
  • Props & Prop Stylist
  • Fashion Stylist, Hair & Makeup, PAs
  • Photo Assistants, Grip & Lighting Pros
  • Catering & Crafty
  • Production Equipment
  • Camera & Lighting Equipment Sourcing
  • Lodging & Transportation
  • Production RVs


Jennifer Diehl is a producer located in Sun Valley, Idaho. She has spent the past 18 years producing, scouting, casting and prop styling for many clients that seek stunning backdrops to promote their brands.

Jennifer loves the production process – pulling all the elements together to create a shoot that is seamless and lively, ensuring the message delivered reflects her clients’ brands. Jennifer works with many talented photographers, creative teams, production companies, and editorial clients to produce cost effective productions that maintain clear creative integrity. Her productions are known to be light-hearted yet organized, with every detail well covered, so the creative intention is accomplished. She respects her locations, and always maintains a light footprint. She isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and will step in wherever needed. She expects her catering and crafty to be healthy and delicious and she attends to every need of her crew, making everyone feel at home. Jennifer’s productions are wrapped with a toast and a warm feeling that you’ve made a new friend.

Locations, Scouting & Permits

Idaho boasts the ideal backdrop for photo shoots, advertising campaigns, films and commercials: mountains and craggy peaks, forests and meadows, lakes and rivers, lava flows, ranches, sheep farms, winding mountain passes and dusty back roads, charming towns with railroads and historic figures, urban cities and mountain sophistication, cabins, unique architecture, fence lines, high mountain airstrips…the list is endless for the stunning and unique scenery in Idaho.

In addition to producing in Idaho, we also offer location scouting, permitting, on-site location coordinating and shoot management in California, Montana, Oregon and Wyoming.

Permits: We work directly with the Forest Service and state agencies for a smooth permitting process. We strive for a 21-day lead time for application processing, but timelines are ultimately determined by the authorizing agency. Crew size and depth of each project are also factors.


  • Hair & Makeup – local hair & makeup artists to fit your needs for high fashion or a natural look.
  • Wardrobe Stylist & Assistants
  • Fashion On-Figure & Laydown Stylist
  • Craft Services & Catering
  • Prop Rental & Sourcing, Styling & Custom Set Building
  • Production Rentals – wardrobe racks, steamers, ladders, tables, chairs, tents, heaters, umbrellas, fans, carts, generators, coolers, and other miscellaneous supplies
  • Lighting & Camera Equipment Rentals & Sourcing
  • Local Crew sources and referrals
  • Photographers, videographers, grip, gaffer, photo assistants, pa’s